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Bitumen-Rubber in the United States – Its Origin, Cost-Effectiveness, Durability and New Uses
Nielsen, Donald L.
March, 1988
Key Words:
Bitumen Rubber, Durability
The origin and history of bitumen-rubber will be presented.  Since it has been used in the U.S. since 1968, we have a 20-
year history.  This long period of use has enabled us to prove that the product is cost effective, even at times on a first-
cost basis.  There are also side benefits, such as reducing fuel consumption needed for construction and consuming old
tires, an environmental problem, as well as the fact that the product has proven to be much more durable than regular
In addition, the author will present other uses of bitumen-rubber in the U.S. that might be different than those in Europe.  
These uses are:
1.        Three-layer system
2.        Cape seals
3.        Crack sealers and fillers
4.        Highway embankment protection and pavement subsealing
5.        Bridge deck membranes
6.        Hydraulic structures (reservoirs, ponds, dikes, canals, etc.)
7.        Waste dumps
8.        Roofing
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